Sunday, October 10, 2010

Her Mother's Hope - Francine Rivers

Book club book for October…and I really enjoyed it. To the point that as soon as I finished it I got online and put in my library request for the sequel.

In reading the author’s note at the end, it was interesting to find out the story is somewhat biographical. I think that made it a bit more impactful to me.

Francine Rivers covers three generations and several countries in this novel of family dynamics and why we sometimes act the way we do and treat one child differently from another.

The story center around Marta, beginning with her childhood and spanning the years through to Marta’s children having children of their own.

Marta felt driven and determined to be more than her father declared she would be. She sets out on her own to make her dreams come true. She does achieve some, finds love, and makes a life for herself.

Along come children of her own. She hopes to give them a better life. Because of her past, she wants her own children to be strong and independent. Able to stand on their own two feet. She doles out tough love, especially to her most sensitive child.

In all relationships, good intentions can have unintended consequences. Motivations can be misunderstood. We can never truly look at the heart of another and know the “whys” for their “whats.” That’s why grace is so important.

This books shows this in a moving and engaging way.

Sink Reflections - Marla Cilley

I (sort of) have been following the Fly Lady system for a few years now. And it works when I follow it. My house is more in order, and I don’t have to do marathon cleaning sessions. It even works when I only sort of follow it because I do think I might be one of those “born organized” people…at least a little bit.

This book is kind of a compilation of her Fly Lady system and emails all in one book. It was kind of interesting reading them all at once and getting reminders about things I could do to make things a little smoother around here. And a huge reminder that I can’t change those I live with and if I want to live in order instead of CHAOS, it’s up to me.

You can read the book…or you can just sign up for the email system. It’s free. I recommend it. And if you’re starting from a really low place, the email group might be less overwhelming. Baby steps.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

City Dreams - Lyle, Lynxwiler, Murray, & Paul

Four sisters from rural Nebraska head to different big cities to chase their dreams in these four novellas.

Fluff, pure and simple. And predicatable.

Exactly what I needed. :)